Whether we like it or not, the fact is more and more nightclub/ party events are requiring medical cover. Our night club medics are there for the sole purpose of making your event, staff and party goers safe. All our night club medics have years of experience in first aid.

Mixed with their specialist training in recreational drug use, Nightclub Medics provide the capability to fully assess and monitor patients which is incredibly vital when dealing with potential medical emergencies as well as alcohol and drug intoxication – as symptoms of this can mimic those of many other conditions and medical emergencies; such as Hypoglycemia and Head Injury.

They can therefore treat more appropriately on-site, heavily reducing 999 ambulance calls and referrals to hospital, providing more adequate treatment whilst awaiting the arrival of Emergency Services, and by quickly recognising the onset of medical emergencies such as Serotonin Toxicity; allowing quicker treatment and referral to A&E providing a greater chance of survival. Without our presence and ability to fully assess a patient’s vital signs and history, this may be left unnoticed until it is too late.

Our Nightclub Medics also offer an incredibly valuable drop in advice service; offering confidential and completely non-judgemental advice in first aid, alcohol, drugs and sexual health.

[rd_lists_ctn style=”rd_list_7″][rd_list title=”Reduced 999 Calls” icon=”zm-arrow-down”]Highly trained on-site uniformed professionals providing incredibly high standards of care to your patrons.[/rd_list][rd_list title=”Early Recognition” icon=”ion-ios7-timer-outline”]Early recognition of life-threatening emergencies which would otherwise be left unnoticed until too late.[/rd_list][rd_list title=”Passionate Team” icon=”ion-ios7-people”]A team of the most passionate, honest, reliable and skilled staff in the industry.[/rd_list][/rd_lists_ctn]