Ambulance Operations

Spark Medical are a leading provider of independent ambulance services across the United Kingdom. With our own fleet of modern, fully-equipped ambulances and a team highly-trained and qualified staff. We work in partnership with the NHS and private healthcare providers..

Event Medical Cover

Spark Medical can provide basic or extensive medical services at your event. Through our experience within the events sector, we are able to offer you complete medical provision, from initial planning through to debriefing and reporting.


Spark Medical are committed to encouraging both staff and students to continuously create, grow and learn. Our courses reflect commitment, as well as the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our Subject Specialist instructors.


Spark Medical is a North West based independent paramedic led ambulance provider, We build, mobilise and equip professional ambulance crews providing out of hospital care to patients across the country and we deliver caring specialist services continuing to develop our experience in providing high quality transport services.

Together we achieve targets, outputs and outcomes building hospital capacity which releases Statutory Ambulance resources to focus on other important priorities. Spark Medical Limited is a caring organisation and our goal is to ensure that we deliver a patient focused service to all your patients making every patient matter.

We pride ourselves on offering tangible value to our customers too, including directly contributing to the NHS Outcomes Framework, by ensuring patients have a positive experience of our care and they are provided with a safe and protective service.

24/7 Clinical Support

talking to a senior clinician to access advanced collaborative decision making

Modern Fleet

A wide array of ambulances and multi purpose vehicles all within the NHS age requirement

We build, mobilise and equip professional ambulance crews providing out of hospital care to patients across the country


Patient Movements


Happy Clients


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At Spark Medical, the safety and well-being of your patient is our number one priority. We are fully registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and ensure all our ambulance teams comply fully with its Fundamental Standards. This is your guarantee of a safe and secure transport environment for any patient undergoing an ambulance transfer.